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What is a Gunner?

A character who uses a firearm as their main weapon to combat demons in MegaTen. Their main attribute is Speed which increases their damage with their gun. They are mostly used as long range DPI, cause negative statuses, and to lure certain enemies from a group.

Advantages of Gunners

Beginner's Choice - Starts off with high offensive power, due to little resistances early on.

Long Range - Have the highest range out of all the classes.

Strong - Has medium to high damage (depending on the gun).

Difficult to hit With Counter, Dodge and Rapid a skilled gunner can reactively stay out of harm's way against many enemies and prepare for a shot attack.

Variety - Different play-styles depending on expertises used.

Disadvantages of Gunners

Cast Time - Gunners start off with slow attacks with either long cooldowns or cast times, length decreases later on.

Ammuntion - Gunners have to have a stock of ammuntion in their inventory at all times.

Squishy - Gunners usually have little to no Vitality, thus most have low HP. This becomes a problem mostly around mobs.



Shot - Basic shot skill, raises damage and speed for a gunner. Also unlocks sniper shot for the gunner.

Rapid - Unlocks skills which allow you to fire a barrage of bullets and raises max MP.

Counter - Puts distance between you and the foe, and allows for a consecutive Rapid attack. Does not have to be raised, but Bind counter is nice to have as it gives you an opportunity to use any attack.

Dodge - Protects against projectile attacks. Does not have to be raised, but Stun Dodge is nice to have, as it delays the enemy's next attack and deals minor damage.


Crafts - Improves your chances of crafting guns with the Gunsmith Expertise

Gun Knowledge - Reduces durability damage taken by your guns, also improves chances of crafting guns

Chain Expertise

  • Arms Maker - A Production Expertise Skill for making guns from recipes and raw materials.
  • Sharpshooter - A Battle Expertise Skill for enhancing the damage guns do against certain demon species.
  • Magic Bullet - A Battle Expertise Skill for endowing gunshots with curse magic and elemental abilities.



Speed - Increases damage with firearms.

Luck - Increases Critical rate and drop rate.

Vitallity - Raises HP

Intelligence - Raises MP

Magic - Raises MP and damage for Magic Bullet. Can replace Intelligence.

Focusing mainly on Speed will make you deal a lot more damage, while luck helps with criticals and the extra loot. Having extra HP and MP also helps, however they are not that important. You will mostly be supporting others in your group. Magic is questionable a gunner and best suited for destruction magic. Strength is in every way useless to a gunner.

A balanced gunner may go with a 4-3-1 build, in order from their primary to tertiary stats, or another method is to keep Speed 10 points higher than their secondary stat, and their tertiary stat minimum, about 10 for every 20 levels. Early on, 5 Vitality is good for extra HP, with only more added if the player absolutely insists.

Types of Gunners

Rapid Gunner - Focuses on dealing damage quickly. Can fire nearly constantly with the right amount of MP.

Expertise Focus - Shot, Rapid, Gun Knowledge. OPTIONAL: Enhancement, Curse of the Wretched

Magic Bullet (MB) Gunner - Utilizing debuffs and long range shots to debilitate enemies.

Expertise Focus - Magic Bullet, Sharpshooter. OPTIONAL: Enhancement, Curse of the Wretched

Equipment Compatibility


You will want to get a gun with a high attack power if you choose have high DPS. If you are going for a more supportive role, go for a gun that boosts the stats that you may require. It would be best to carry a spread, penetrate and long range gun with you at all times to ensure you'll hit an enemy's weak point.


You will want to acquire items that will boost your physical and magical defense or increase your speed and luck.



The Gun Amplifier COMP is recommended due to the 12% ranged damage bonus.

Other Useful Information