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What are Magic Types?


A Magic caster is someone who uses magical attack power through casting Spells to deal damage, heal others, or strengthen or weaken allies and enemies. Magic types can be an asset in a party due to their healing and buffing abilities, along with their ability to cast elemental magical spells at their enemies.

I would classify magic types as a mid-range combatant. You don't need to be in close-range to deal damage through your magic, but if you're out of range the spell won't cast. Make sure you check the target icon when casting magic. If the icon is red, you're too far away, and move in until it turns green. Casting magic works the same as most other skills. You click the hotkey assigned to the spell and let it charge, then click it again to release the spell.

You also have to be careful when casting magic. Magic spells use a considerable amount of MP when cast regularly, so you have to keep an eye on your MP pool to ensure that you don't run out in the middle of a fight.

Advantages of Magic Types

Semi-Long Range - Although the casting distance isn't as far as a Gunner, Magic casters do generally tend to be somewhat farther away than a close-range attacker which most often puts them out of the range of immediate attack.

Elemental advantage - Destruction types have the advantage of doing pretty large amounts of damage to enemies (especially those who are weak to magic) thanks to the advantage of being able to cast their elemental weakness against them.

AOE - Not only does destruction magic provide adept single target spells, but they also provide AOEs as well.

Healers - Thanks to Curative magic, Magic casters make pretty great healers, whether or not it's your main expertise focus.

Disadvantages of Magic Types

Low MP - Unless you're pumping in the Int into your build, magic casters generally tend to have a low MP pool which really sucks when you're casting a lot of magic.

Uses lots of MP meds - This ties in with the previous note; Chances are you're going to be eating through them like candy and it can take a hefty toll on your bank account.

Frail - Seeing as most of your attributes focus on MP and Magic ATK, magic types generally tend to not have much HP or Phys DEF.




Destruction Magic - attack spells including single and multiple target elemental spells

Curative Magic - healing spells that can recover hp, remove status ailments, and resurrect dead allies


Counter - include defensive spells that allow you to guard against enemy attacks between casting other spells, with a swift counterattack

Support Magic - include spells that buff you and your allies, making them stronger temporarily with shields and other related spells; also include passive skills that increase your Intelligence

Curse Magic - these spells debuff your enemies by making their attributes weaker; also include passive skills that increase your Magic


Magic Control - For controlling magical power in addition to various types of attacks; lowered mp cost for all skills, shorter cast time for skills

Bless - For bestowing the various blessing of magic upon others.

Chain Expertise

Demolition Dash - A Battle Expertise Skill for staging an assault while enveloped in destructive magical energy. Increases damage and reduces incantation time with leveling.

Requirements - Rush at Class 1-0, Destruction Magic at Class 1-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Destruction Magic level and gains expertise equal to 40% of your Magic Control level.

Disadvantages : If you rather put your skill points in other areas and don't use rush attacks.

Advantages : Attacks from this expertise are the strongest attacks in the game.

Curse of the Wretched - A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling curse magic over a wide area for indirect assistance in battle.

Requirements - Destruction Magic at Class 1-0, Curse Magic at Class 2-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0, Bless at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 10% of your Destruction Magic level, 50% of your Curse Magic level, 20% of your Magic Control level, 20% of your Bless level.

Enhancement - A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling recovery and support magic over a wide area to assist one's allies.

Requirements - Curative Magic at Class 2-0, Support Magic at Class 2-0, Bless at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Curative Magic level, 40% of your Support Magic level, 30% of your Bless level.



Magic - increases power of Destruction Magic

Intelligence - raises max MP (0.5 MP per Int point), and effectiveness of Curative Magic.

These should be your two main focuses, none of the other attributes benefit magic types except for maybe Luck to increase drop rate. I suggest pumping in the Magic attribute. Theoretically, the more damage your spells do, the less MP will be spent recasting them.

Style Types

Attack - These types use primarily spells that damage the enemy's HP - Destruction Magic, Counter, and Curse Magic are the main Expertise focuses.

Support - These types primarily heal their allies, and give them buffs to make them stronger - Curative Magic and Support Magic are the main Expertise focuses.

Of course, you could be any kind of hybrid you want, but these are the most common base builds.

Equipment Compatibility:


You want weapons that have high Spell and/or Support, depending on whether you are focusing on Destructive Magic or Curative Magic, or both.


Kris Naga (Sword) - increases Spell +36 and Support +30, bonus effect of MP +4 - Can be found in Home III, Arcadia and Shinjuku Babel weapon shops

Kingo Rod - increases Spell +36 and Support +30, bonus effect of blunt atk skill power up 15% - found in Souhonzan, Home III and Shinjuku Babel weapon shop

Crystal Sword - increases Spell +37, cool time of skills are decreased. A rare drop in Shibuya Quartz dungeon.


Riders Longcoat (+5% Fire) Pyro Jack/ Jack Frost Hat (+5 fire, -5 frost; +5 frost -5 fire)


Demolition Dashers often pick a single element as a strength: Fire, Ice, Force, or Electric. Each elemental focus requires a different set of crystals (See: Synthesis).

Fire is the most common, as the currently released gear provides more fire boosts than any other element.

Ice has the advantage of freezing targets "stunning" them longer than the other elements.

Force is the fastest of the elements, being valuable when you need to disable targets quickly.

Electric is the least expensive of the four, costing less to use than the others.

Basic: Soul Stones - Cu Sith: -20% Cast time Poltergeist: +10% rush Fasolt Ring: +10% rush

[Elemental Specialising]


Red Rider (Costume): provides a 15% boost to fire.

Cerberus/Orthorus(face,neck soul stones): 50% bonus boast to fire affinity

Yukata: Red, G: 10% boost to fire

Flamies (Crystals, Tarot): 2% fire boost per tarot Flamies soul stones also change affinity to fire

Surt (Crystal/Soul Stone on Weapon): 20% to fire damage

Spear of Duftach (Weapon): 20% fire damage


Aeros (Crystals, Tarots): 2% force per tarot Aeros soul stone changes affinity to force

Blade of the Wind God (Weapon): Force affinity

Yukata: Purle, G: 10% boost to Force

Jinn (Crystal, Back) : Effect +5% at time of Force affinity skill use When level is 44+, Lvl * 0.1% Null Force


Erthys (Crystals, tarots) 2% electric per tarot Erthys soul stone changes affinity to electric

Yukata: Violet, G: 10% electric damage

Thunder God (Weapon): Electric affinity


Aquans (Crystals, Tarots): 2% ice per tarot Aquans soul stone changes affinity to force

Yukata: Green, G: 10% boost to ice

Poliahu (weapon): boosts ice damage

Zero (weapon): boosts ice damage


Again, you want stuff that increases your Magic, Spell or Support.


Drill COMP - Very slightly (although not incredibly noticeable) increases spell damage - found in most city Armor Shops

Teardrop Ear ring - +1 magic -1 strength - found in most Armor shops

Ring of Purity - +1 magic -1 strength - found in most Armor Shops

Other Useful Information

Magic Shop/Magic Items

In the beginning at low levels, buying the magic stones from the magic shop is a pretty good idea, since the amount of MP you start with is incredibly low. Try using magic stones until your MP can handle it (or your macca if you can handle buying all the mp pots) because they're cheaper than MP pots.

What kind of Demons should I use?

Ultimately it's up to you, but if you're going to be using the attributes suggested to grow in this guide, it is most likely wise to use a Demon that can hold aggro well and have the skills you lack.

When you start out you might want to pick a demon with Dia and fuse with a stronger demon to give the new demon curative abilities.

For around 17, Archangel or Tarasque are great tanks which can decently heal when fused to include Dia.

For example, Adept Nekomata has many skills to complement a ranged magic caster. With healing and quick attacks it can intercept attacking monsters and restore your hp in mid-fight. Unicorn is a good option for a magic user focusing on Destruction Magic, as it is able to hold aggro and block the majority of melee attacks.