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Blaze of Ambition

As of the Blaze of Ambition update, Player versus Player (PvP) combat has been made available in Megaten.
There is two types of PvP combat; Fate and Valhalla.

At the end of every round you gain two types of scores; BP and GP.
BP is used to exchange for various PvP related items whilst GP determine your PvP ranking.
As an addition to this you also gain trophies depending on your performance.

When in PvP you gain a large health increase, rendering regular healing items useless. Therefore you can obtain healing items from the Yaginuma.


In PvP the players gets divided into two teams, Azure and Scarlet. Usually Law players end up in Azure and Chaos players end up in Scarlet. However this is not always the case.
In order to even out the teams, some Chaos players will get placed in Azure and vice versa, this is due to a lack of players in one of the teams.


Fate is a Capture-the-flag type of PvP mode. As with usual PvP there are two teams, Azure and Scarlet.
The two teams have spawn points along with 5 total capture points. If a point is captured, the team which captured the point will receive points (which ultimately is what Fate is all about), and the map-marker along with the capture point itself will turn into the teams colour.
There is all in all 5 points to capture, these gives different amount of points scored over time.
The team which has the most points when time is out (13 minutes) wins the game.


Valhalla is more of a fight than Fate is.
In Valhalla the two teams have two spawn points, divided by an arena. When one player kills a player from the other team, the player scores a point for the team. If either of the teams scores a certain amount of points the battle is over.

Entering PvP

To enter PvP you should speak to the Yaginuma next to the homepoint in every city. If you have not entered PvP before she will hand you a quest to go see a Yaginuma in Nakano which will explain more about the subject.