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What is a Synthesizer?

A Synthesizer, often abbreviated simply as Synther, is a character who specializes in fusing demon crystals with weapons and equipment. Due to the powerful stat bonuses given by these fusions, Synthesizers are vital members of a community, but have no use in a party unless hybrided with another class.

Advantages of a Synthesizer

Synthesis - The whole point of this class, Synthesizers are capable of fusing Demon crystals and soul stones in to any compatible equipment

Strong Equipment - As long as a Synther can get their hands on decent fusion material, they can make powerful equipment out of even the cheapest equipment

Crystallization - Provided they have the right gemstones, a synthesizer can create demon crystals for use in fusion out of any demon, even ones owned by other players.

Disadvantages of a Synthesizer

Item Dependant - Every Synthesis skill uses a rare material of some kind, be it Gems, Demon crystals, or Tarot cards.

Non-Combat - A Synther will have no combat skills whatsoever unless they hybrid with another class



Occultism – Needed for the Synthesis Chain Expertise, Its only other purpose is to provide INT boosts

Demonology – Gives skills the increases the negotiation success rate for certain species of demons. Also boost experience of summoned demons of that same species. Used to rank up synthesis

Weapon Knowledge – Increases damage of Close range weapons. Used to rank up synthesis

Mineralogy – Has no use other than to rank up synthesis

Chain Expertise

Synthesis – The core of this Class, Allows the user to Crystallize demons and use do Soul Stone and Tarot Fusion.


Synthers, although there are a few pure, almost always hybrid with some other class.

Pure Synther: A rare breed, Pure Synthers Max out every expertise related to synthesis in order to gain the best possible success rate in fusion. This, however, leaves them with no expertise points left, forcing them to rely on demons for anything involving combat.

Enhancing Synther: The most common Synther Hybrid. The Synther part of the Build benefits from the enhancers High INT, as it Increases the success rate of Fusions. The Enhance part of the build benefits from INT boosts that come with Occultism.

Equipment Compatibility

Any equipment that boosts Intelligence and luck, as those stats boost the success rate of fusions. Failing that, Synthers can make the equipment themselves.